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Visual Manifesto

How to Elevate?

Diagnosis and Creative Strategy
The process starts with analyzing the brand's position, values, audience, and goals. Then, the studio crafts a strategy to match the brand's message with audience needs, directing design and marketing to make the brand stand out and engage its audience.

Design and Motion
With animations and visual design, the studio implements creative strategies and engagingly presents the brand's message, enhancing its image and simplifying communication to improve understanding and audience engagement.

Post-Production and Visual Effects
In post-production, visual and sound effects are applied to enhance the content, aligning everything with the brand's vision. This involves adjusting colors, adding special effects, and audiovisual elements to improve the audience's experience, making the final product professional and engaging.

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American Express

Will Smith

Justin Bieber

Warner Music



Brands Elevated

Together, We are More

Igor Martins

Chief Inspiration Officer

Stefane Kaller

Chief Spiritual Officer

Melina Zanella

Relationship Manager

Juliana Nogueira

Project Manager & Operations

Elzemario Kaller

Administrative & Commercial Manager

Ruiz de Aquino

Creative Director

Douglas Frigeri

Creative Director

Nando Dalberto

Creative Director

Lilian Döring

Creative Director

Your Brand


Elevate Brands
to Inspire

UP Studio is the creative studio that elevates brands that adopt sustainable and responsible practices, committed to social and environmental benefits.

We lift brand visibility and differentiation through strategic design, motion, and audiovisual production, engaging audiences and creating emotional connections.

Design and Motion to Lift Positive Impact Brands

Elevate to Inspire

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