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Emerging from a Deep Purpose

Inspiration first comes from the deep search for purpose, values, and meaning. The movement that brings transformation emerges, from the inside out, through the poetics that breaks inertia.


Inspiring Brands

Together, We are More

Igor Martins

Chief Inspiration Officer

Stefane Kaller

Chief Spiritual Officer

Melina Zanella

Relationship Manager

Juliana Nogueira

Project Manager & Operations

Elzemario Kaller

Administrative & Commercial Manager

Ruiz de Aquino

Creative Director

Douglas Frigeri

Creative Director

Nando Dalberto

Creative Director

Lilian Döring

Creative Director

Your Brand


Aesthetics for Inspiring Brands

UP Studio is the creative force recognized for elevating brands in advertising and culture, making them more than just a product or service, by crafting unique experiences with creative strategy, digital imagery, motion, visual effects, and AI.

Creativity to lift meaningful brands in advertising and culture.

Elevate to Inspire

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