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Positive Impact

Our choices today can lead to a better tomorrow.

Positive impact means taking actions that create value and make things better, not worse, for people, communities, and the environment. It's crucial because it allows us to tackle major issues like protecting the planet from pollution and waste, supporting people's well-being through ethical practices and jobs, and building a sustainable future by using resources responsibly.

Companies, governments, and individuals all have a role to play in creating positive impact. It's about making conscious choices that don't just maximize profits, but also benefit society and the world around us. Positive impact drives real progress towards a better tomorrow for all.

Creative Impact

Taking actions that bring positive change to the world involves working together and being creative. The current development model is unsustainable, so making positive changes means taking new paths that haven't been built yet.

Through design and motion, we promote important causes in projects that address themes like:

  • Climate change

  • Clean energy production

  • Carbon credit systems

  • Environmental disaster risk management

  • Wildlife rescue

  • Racism and discrimination

  • Assistance for war refugees

  • Female entrepreneurship

  • Minority-owned businesses

  • Public rallies against child sexual abuse

  • Protests against violence towards women

  • Early childhood education in underprivileged areas

The Studio that Elevates Life

For 10 years, we have been adapting our way of working and our studio according to the values we believe in:

  • Living surrounded by nature, growing hundreds of plants

  • Using renewable energy sources and recycling waste

  • No physical office, no commuting required

  • Fully remote team distributed globally

  • Flexible schedules for work-life balance

  • Leveraging cloud computing to reduce energy and resource usage

Together, We are More

Igor Martins

Chief Inspiration Officer

Stefane Kaller

Chief Spiritual Officer

Melina Zanella

Relationship Manager

Elzemario Kaller

Administrative & Commercial Manager

Ruiz de Aquino

Creative Director

Douglas Frigeri

Creative Director

Nando Dalberto

Creative Director

Lilian Döring

Creative Director

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