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Advertising for "The Stigma of Color"

Advertising for "The Stigma of Color"

Jacira Monteiro

For more than three centuries, colonial powers distorted Christian theology, using it as a tool to legitimize slavery in Brazil, serving the interests of their empires.

In contrast, Jacira Monteiro's "The Stigma of Color" embraces biblical theology in an authentic way, remaining faithful to the sacred scriptures. This book goes beyond the issues of slavery and racism, providing a clear reflection on colonialism, violence against women, resentment, and social inequality. It invites us to explore deep themes and consider the ramifications of these issues in our society.
Our studio strives to get involved with meaningful projects that bring about deep reflection, whether in advertising, art, or culture. We were delighted to collaborate with Jacira Monteiro, developing these promotional images for "The Stigma of Color" using Artificial Intelligence and Digital Image Editing techniques.

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