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Opening Sequence for Mystery Lab

Opening Sequence for Mystery Lab


We were invited to create the opening for the series "Mystery Lab", which is an original Netflix series starring Felipe Castanhari.
The series has a television program format with light humor, mysterious tone and science fiction. There are 8 episodes based on mysteries and curiosities present in our world.

The opening of the series aims to quickly create a mysterious and scientific environment for the program to begin. It has an introductory weight to what is proposed in the series: to make the viewer curious and intrigued by the mysteries that will be explained.
Elements representing each episode are composing the scenes.
We used light to represent knowledge and reveal these elements of mystery. The light moves slowly between the objects giving shape to them.
The dynamics between one episode and another can be a different color in the respective episode or a greater emphasis.
We have the contrast of the dark (unknown) and the light (knowledge).
We created an environment where these elements can live and the light hovers between them.

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